I bid you all a very fond farewell.

Writing Location: Germany

The last couple of days were as nice as they were tiring. It was from one birthday party to another farewell party to another family gathering. There was just a hell of a lot going on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankfull for all the people inviting me over to say goodbye and hang out.


Since I’m not very good with emotions and expressing my feelings, some gatherings turned… kind of awkward. But it wasn’t always my lack of emotional availability that made things worse than they were. One of these cases was my great aunt’s birthday celebration:
I knew I should have commenced drinking far earlier, when my great aunt started complaining about her denture paste being rubbish, going into further detail by even presenting us with medical pictures from the doctors one can not unsee. After this valuable insight into the horrors of being old and senile I had to laugh off semi-racist jokes for more than two hours before afternoon tiredness set in for the pensioners and I could sneak off without anyone noticing.

Of course I kid my great aunt and I wish her nothing but the best for her future. But seriously, as a rule of thumb you should wait until people have finished their cheese cake before telling them about your denture paste! At least, that has always worked for me so far…


Guys, I feel like I’m telling you useless stuff from my life. But I guess that’s what this blog will be all about… just telling you stuff I think of as funny and worth mentioning. If you enjoy this sort of thing, feel free to return to this page. I’ll try to update it every other day.


In a few hours I will set off into my next adventure and there are a lot of exciting questions ahead: What’s for dinner on the airplane? Will they let me into the country or do I look like a sneaky, old terrorist? Am I going to find my way around Baltimore and Detroit before I get to Ann Arbor? What the hell am I going to Baltimore and Detroit for? And many more… stay tuned! 

See you all in nine months! 

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