Our Team.

Marius Lex

CEO, Creative Director, HR Manager

Besides human resource management and budget decisions, Marius is responsible for content. Unless the content is offensive or questionable in any other way. In that case please refer back to our Facility Manager.


Recovery Assistant

The bed does an excellent job providing our staff with an outstanding option to kick back and recover from the day to day work. Consistency and good social skills are it's main strengths.

Kathi & Nathi

Health Advisors

Health is one of our top priorities. The only thing that's more important than health, is fun. Unfortunately health and fun tend to collide rather regularly, so health isn't really a big deal for us. But we don't have any other priorities either, and that makes health one of our top priorities.


Incentive Operator

Providing our Creative Director with endorphin and therefore making our content as fun as it is, is our Incentive Operator's challenge. Not to Block creativity and to set the Bar as high as possible is the goal here. 

Unhealthy Beverages

Creative Assistant

The Creative Assistants support the Creative Director in dispositional as well as conceptual work. Although their services are very much appreciated, their frequent use has been openly criticised by our Health Advisors.


Facility Manager

We can't even afford a facility.