Take me to campus! Top 22 places to be in Ann Arbor.

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Alright, so this blog entry is going to be pretty much all visual. Since I feel you couldn't really get an idea of what the University of Michigan looks like yet, I walked around campus for a few hours and took a bunch of pictures just to give  you an impression. There is absolutely no way for me to even get close to filling you in on all the university's buildings and places - because there are just too many - but I picked out a few special one's. These are my top 22 places around campus you should have a look at.

1. The Diag

The Diag. A meeting point with cult status. It's the heart of campus. Depending on the time of year you can find absolutely anything here. Political gatherings, club meetings, art festivals, concerts, movie screenings, outside classes, rallies, buffets, oh yeah, and free hugs of course.

2. Upper State Street

Are you exhausted from studying? Are you tired of reading books all day long? Nothing upper state street couldn't fix! Quite to the contrary, it's got your fix for all of your food, beverage or clothing needs. The range is wide. From quick lunch to classy dinner, everything is possible. The liquor stores are extremely busy here, because students can just pick up their party juice on their home from uni.

3. Angel Hall

A very magnificent building. It reminds me of the "Neue Aula", the main building of my home university. I had a few introductory classes in here but Angel Hall is mainly appreciated for it's steps as seating accommodation.

4. Michigan Union

Just like the picture, the Michigan Union isn't perfect. But it's certainly one of the prettiest and busiest buildings on campus. The president of the university works in the very top level  of this building. Students rumour that that's the reason why all good restaurants are located in the Michigan Union as well.

5. Museum of Art

The Museum of Art is part of the University of Michigan. Apart from it's surprisingly comprehensive exhibition, it's a nice place to get some work done.

6. North-Quad

The North Quadrangle Residencial and Academic Complex is one of four of it's kind. You can find one in every of the four cardinal directions. The North Quad is the largest, though. I've got three out of four of my classes here. The building is quite luxurious and sharing a room will cost a student up to $7000 per term.

7. The Blue-Bus

Just like it's got it's own police force, the university has it's own bus system, too. The Blue-Buses will bring you anywhere close to campus and are driven by... students! Awesome! Guess who's taking the two week introduction to bus-driving this upcoming semester? Exactly, that's me!

8. Ulrich's Bookstore

Every student can tell a story about Ulrich's and it's probably always the same: You can't get what you need and they are completely unreasonable and rude about it... Might be bad for Americans but feels like home to me!

9. Pathways to everywhere

It doesn't matter where you are or where you want to go. There is always a small pathway leading you right there. It's very convenient and adds to the assumption that you can cross campus in less than fifteen minutes, which - trust me - you can't.

10. The Cube

Spinning this cube or it's brother in Chicago is supposed to be good luck but nobody could really tell us why, so this place is much more fun when you bring ice-cream.

11. The actual campus

A campus isn't necessarily an ordinary prerequisite of a university. My home university doesn't have one. I've really come to appreciate the campus. It makes everything so central. It gives a face to the university, a structure, something familiar. People are in one spot, there a rallies and demonstrations. You can also chill out in between lectures or meet friends, since they are all around and not scattered around town.

12. Lawyer's Club

No special connection here. Unfortunately communication students aren't allowed in here. Actually nobody except for law students is. I just like the building. And I'm excited to show you how it looks covered in snow. 

13. Mid State Street

Looking for a great place to have lunch? You'll meet a lot of students hanging out in the small restaurants and shops just a little south of central campus.

14. Kelsey Museum of Archeology

Yep, U-Mich has a museum of archeology, too. I heard it's really cool, so I definately have to go sometime soon. I'll let you guys know how I liked it.

15. North & South University Avenue

North &  South University Avenue make getting lost very hard, even if you're new on campus. They are home to Ann Arbor landmarks as Ulrich's Bookstore, the Lawyer's Club and Pinball Pete's.

16. Pinball Pete's

Pinball Pete's is an original, american arcade. When we went there an hour felt like ten minutes. I definately see myself being late for class, because I forgot about the time while playing at Pinball Pete's during my lunch break.

17. Jack's Hardware Store

A hardware store might not seem like a memorable place, it barely seems like a place at all. But I pass by this sign every morning on my way to uni and they always change their slogans around. And most of the time they're really funny, too. Above are two of my favorites.

18. Parks

There are tons of parks in Ann Arbor. Because there are so many, it's never crowded and you can go for a run in peace. This bridge spans over the Huron River and connects the Furstenberg Nature Area to Gallup Park.

19. Lower State Street

I have to pass this junction every morning. Sometimes I grab a sanndwich  from Subway on my way home. This part of state street connects central campus to the competitive sports grounds, including the "Big House".

20. The First Congregational Church

Located just on upper state street, this church is quite close to campus. It isn't very busy, but it always has interesting artwork put up in it's front yard.

21. Our neighborhood

Our neighborhood is quite calm. Even though we're very close to the "Big House", there's not too much noise on Saturdays. We're still close enough to campus. Actually these are ideal conditions... It's much better than the hoetel anyway. Plus, we've even got a swing!

22. Our house...

... in the middle of the street. That's what everybody was thinking, right? Me too! But unfortunately our house isn't in the middle of the street, but kind of at the end. The only downside of living here I guess.

That's it guys. Well, actually that's not quite it. I might add one or two cool places to this list once I realise that I forgot them. 


Oh yeah and also, I will post pictures of the same places again. Probably around christmas I will dig up my camera again and take pictures of the university in a cozy coat of cold snow. I was told campus starts looking like Hogwarts once there's enough snow and there will be a LOT of snow here. So stay excited for that, at least I know I am!

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  • #1

    Herri (Sonntag, 18 September 2016 07:20)

    19. Warum sind hier die Zebrastreifen schräg (schief) aufgesprüht?
    18. "Run in peace" glaube ich zwar nicht so recht, aber schön, daß auch diese grünen Oasen vorhanden sind (ich erinnere mich auch an frühere Bilder, die sehr schön waren).
    16. Traust du dich wirklich in dieses rosapinke Etwas?! Wäre vielleicht etwas für meine kleine 4-jährige Nichte.
    13. Hier würde ich mich im Biergarten auch so richtig wohlfühlen - du bist immer mitten d´rin.
    7. Marius in seiner absolut sicheren Ortskenntnis (immerhin schon 2 Wochen anwesend) fährt mit seinem "Blue Bus" los und wurde nach 3 Wochen irgendwo in den kanadischen Wäldern gesehen.
    2. (auch 21.,13.) Auffällig, daß es auch in Amerika (wie in N.W.) nicht genügend Gelder für eine vernünftige Straßensanierung gibt.
    Ansonsten sehr schön.
    Da du ja sehr viel Zeit "übrig" hast, könntest du doch vielleicht noch Museumswächter, Fremdenführer, Spielhallenaufseher ..... werden.

  • #2

    Der Antworter (Sonntag, 18 September 2016 18:23)

    19. Zebrastreifen duerfen in den USA nur nach Norden, Osten, Sueden oder Westen ausgerichtet sein.
    18. Ja, davon gibts hier recht viele und Ann Arbor ist ja auch klein, also gar kein Problem hier zu joggen!
    16. Du hast eine 4-jaehrige Nichte?
    13. Das stimmt. Biergaerten gibt es hier nicht und du kannst dich auch nicht mit einem kalten Bierchen in den Park setzen, weil man in der Oeffentichkeit nicht trinken darf.
    7. Haha, sehr amuesant, das muss ich schon sagen. Aber Ann Arbor ist klein und wie du weisst habe ich viele Schwaechen, doch Orientierungsfaehigkeit gehoert nicht dazu.
    2. In der Tat. Natuerlich sind die Strassen wesentlich breiter, dafuer ist der Belag sehr laut und der Zustand haengt natuerlich auch in gewisser Weise von der Strasse und ihrer Wichtigkeit ab. (Wuerde die State Street gesperrt, dann koennte man mit dem Auto so gut wie gar nicht mehr nach Ann Arbor reinkommen)
    Wie du ja weisst (weil du meinen Blog verfolgst) habe ich mich bereits fuer bezahlte Stellen beworben, also warte ich erstmal auf Rueckmeldung, bevor ich mich als Museumswaechter versuche ;-)