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Ok, guys. Two things first: Pain and pain. Oh yeah, I had to suffer through two completely different kinds of pain in the past few days. And also, I decided I am going to see how far I can stretch the university’s tolerance for clothing in classes.

So as far as the pain goes I can tell you that after almost eight weeks without any exercise, going for a ridiculously long run to escape homework duties is a massively stupid idea. But since I seem to prefer those to ideas that actually make sense, I went for a humongous run a few days ago. My muscles were as soar as after that time I told my ex-roommate I could beat him at squats even though I hadn’t done any of them ever, whereas he had spent most of his adult life training – at least I like to imagine – for this particular moment. For the moment a moron challenged him. Long story short: He destroyed me. I thought I could never walk around without looking like I just had rectal surgery ever again in my life.


Believe it or not, eventually I did. Until a few days ago at least. After the run my muscles were so soar, the sensation of trying to get out of bed the next morning could almost compare to the pain I would experience the day after. The second kind of pain was different from the first one. It was emotional pain. My heart was ripped out and stumped on by noone else than BRITNEY SPEARS! What happened?



Well, I wanted a celebrity to promote my Blog, right? Obviously, I couldn’t ask a real celebrity because chances are they’re not going to reply. And naturally, when you think used-to-be-celebrities, you think Britney Spears. Or is that just me? Anyway, I sent her this message:

So why am I sad you ask? Guys, I don’t know how to tell you this but… She didn’t reply! Right? I was genuinely surprised, too. I would have thought she might find a couple of minutes between shaving her head and making bad life decisions to shoot me a message, right? It doesn’t seem like Britney wants to become famous after all. But probably she’s right. Probably being famous isn’t too cool anyway.


Speaking of cool: I want to stretch the limit. To be accurate, there actually is no limit… yet. What am I talking about? So we can wear anything we want in class. And my fellow American students tend to take advantage of that. Seeing toesies, sweat pants and very few bras in class, took some getting used to. But when one of the girls in COMM 408 entered the room wearing nothing but what seemed to be a child’s - and therefore a far too short – bathrobe, I was sincerely flabbergasted. By the bathrobe, but also by our professor’s reaction to the bathrobe; there was none. He didn’t care. And nobody else seemed to care either. In that moment, I decided I was going to make them care by wearing an increasingly outrageous outfit every week. I will go to the point where it hurts (I don’t know if that’s a saying in English, but it is in German).


But as we discovered earlier, pain is endurable and it will eventually weaken and disappear. Just like I’m going to overcome “Britney Bitch” betraying me, I am going to push through the pain of wearing ridiculous clothing to class. I mean I’m just doing it to make the world a better place, so… yeah.


Four quick things:

1. Yes, I watched the presidential debate and talked to a lot of Americans about it. And no, I’m not going to talk about it here. Not yet at least.

2. A couple of friends and me are planning a trip to Chicago at the moment. We’ll probably go there during our fall study break which is sometime in October. So Chicago will soon be on my Blog as well.

3. The weather turned really bad. I feel like I’m back home in Germany. It’s quite drizzly. This is the view from where I was sitting at my go-to coffee place while writing this Blog entry:

4. Thanks so much, Lucas, for sending me a postcard from home! It was a cool surprise which made my day:

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  • #1

    Ich (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2016 17:58)

    wow, wie lieb von Lucas das mit der Postkarte!

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    Der Alleswisser (Freitag, 07 Oktober 2016 19:15)

    Ja, das war wirklich lieb von dir!