The Election

9:30 pm: At the moment Trump is winning. It's Trump 128 - 97 Clinton.

9:37 pm: Trump won so far in North Dakota (3), Wyoming (3), South Dakota (3), Nebraska (5), Kansas (6), Oklahoma (7), Texas (38), Arkansas (6), Indiana (11), Kentucky (8), Tennessee (11), Mississippi (6), West Virginia (5), Alabama (9), South Carolina (9)

9:41 pm: Hillary won in Illinois (20), New York (29), New Jersey (14), Maryland (10), DC (3), Vermont (3), Massachusetts (11), Delaware (3), Rhode Island (4)

9:46 pm: Of course none of the States is done counting yet but those are close to certain estimates.

9:47 pm: Michigan, the state I'm in, is still on the tip but leaning towards Trump. Only 20% of the votes are counted though.

9:52 pm: The closest and most important States are Florida (atm. Trump 49% - 48% Clinton) with 29 electoral votes, North Carolina (atm. Trump 50% - 48% Clinton) with 15 electoral votes, Michigan (atm. Trump 50% - 45% Clinton) with 16 electoral votes and Virginia (atm. Trump 48% - 47% Clinton) with 13 electoral votes.

9:53 pm: Trump just won Louisiana (8) and Clinton won Connecticut (7) to make it an overall Trump 136 - 104 Clinton.

9:57 pm: It's hard for me to comprehend how Trump is leading overall as well as in percentage in the Swing States.

9:58 pm: Wow, the airline tickets to Germany aren't that expensive actually...

9:59 pm: Virginia percentage just switched over to Clinton (T 47.3% - 47.5% C)

10:01 pm: Trump won Montana (3) to make it an overall Trump 139 - 104 Clinton.

10:12 pm: Just emptied the dish washer but didn't miss anything.

10:14 pm: Trumps still leading over all Trump 139 - 104 Clinton... My mom will be so happy to see me this soon...

10:16 pm: Trump won Missouri (10) and Clinton won New Mexico (5) to make it a 149 - 109 in favor of Mr. Trump.

10:18 pm: Am I going to need all of the stuff I brought here or should I pack light to be able to run in case it get's close at the border?

10:26 pm: Clinton is getting close in Wisconsin (T 48% - 46% C) and extending her lead in Virginia (T 47% - 48% C). Trump is close to winning Ohio (18).

10:27 pm: Trump won Ohio (18) to make the overall standings a scary Trump 167 - 109 Clinton.

10:34 pm: Trump is close to winning Georgia (16), North Carolina (15) and in the very worst case scenario Florida (29). Hillary is about to win Minnesota (10), Iowa (6), Pennsylvania (20) and Maine (4).

10:38 pm: Still Trump 167 - 109 Clinton. Don't know whether to find this sad, scary or funny... It's kind of all at the same time...

10:40 pm: Clinton just won Virginia (13) to make it Trump 167 - 122 Clinton.

10:48 pm: What are you  doing Michigan? Trump extends his lead in Michigan (T 49% - 46% C) and Wisconsin (T 49% - 46% C).

10:50 pm: As of this moment 38,561,857 citizens have voted for Trump and 36,479,770 citizes have voted for Clinton in total.

10:51 pm: Clinton just secured Colorado (9) to make it Trump 167 - 131 Clinton.

11:00 pm: I have a Chinese vocab quiz tomorrow morning, but I do want to see whether the world comes to an end tonight or not, so... better stay awake a little longer!

11:04 pm: Estimating California to go democrate (that's pretty safe to assume) and Trump winning Idaho (4) the standings are Trump 171 - 190 Clinton now. Trump is leading in almost every remaining state, though... This could be Brexit reloaded, just worse...

11:09 pm: Trump won North Carolina (15) to make it Trump 186 - 190 Clinton.

11:11 pm: Ok, I'm being serious now. It really looks like Trump is going to win at the moment. I thought: "Yeah, that's not going to happen..." but it's happening right now. I'm terrified!

11:17 pm: Clinton wins Oregon (7) to make it Trump 186 - 197 Clinton.

11:23 pm: I don't even know what to tell you... Clinton is losing Iowa (6) and even though she is about to win Nevada (6) Trump is going to win Utah (6) to make up for it.

11:24 pm: Michigan (16) is now equal at 47%-47% each.

11:28 pm: I'm going to go get a Twixx bar... hope I don't miss anything important!

11:29 pm: Nope, didn't miss anything! I'm super tired though. My day was packed. I had classes and meetings all day from 9am to 9pm. And I need to get up early in the morning... But it's a bad time to sleep at the moment...

11:34 pm: Everybody is looking to Florida (29) now. Since the results seem to clear up in all the other states and it's about a tie overall, Florida could make the difference. Currently about 98% of the votes are counted and it seems like Trump won that.

11:38 pm: Yes, Trump winning Florida makes the overall score Trump 216 - 197 Clinton and since Trump is just about to win Georgia (16) the score will go up to Trump 232 - 197 Clinton in just a second.

11:40 pm: Clinton wins Washington (12) and makes it Trump 232 - 209 Clinton.

11:51 pm: I cannot wrap my head around what is happening right now. Clinton's chances of winning are rather low now. I will go brush my teeth... I want to have at least one more night with the uncertainty about the United States and the world's fate.

12:12 am: Since everything is pretty much standing still now and I need to go to bed, here are my predictions for the night, based on CNN, WSJ, NYT and no understanding of or experience with the American electoral system whatsoever: Trump is going to win Utah (6), Arizona (11), Iowa (6), Wisconsin (10), Michigan (16) and New Hampshire (4) giving him a total of 285 electoral votes, and making him President of the United States of America. He is going to accept the outcome of the election (because he won) and Clinton will be sad to lose to a blockhead like Trump. America will soon feel that they made a massive mistake and will hopefully learn from this experience (even though I'm not sure whether half of the American population is capable of that). As long as President Trump doesn't destroy too much while in office, this outcome was probably a blessing for the world... Plus Bill Clinton doesn't need to be First Lady!
Have a happy #TrumpDay everybody!

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