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'Nope, nope, please don't come over, don't come over, don't come over... oooh, dammit!'

I don't know how the universe works and I certainly wouldn't comprehend it, if I knew. What I do know, is that all the crazy, drunken and weird people in the world (and that is "and", not "or"), are magically drawn to me. You might say now: "Well, everybody thinks that of themselves." But it is not just me saying it. Other people see it, too. 


When Anny (who you guys met in the Chicago blog, remember?) and I were waiting for our Greyhound to take us to Detroit for a quick pre-christmas visit, we were approached by a very drunk and seemingly homeless gentleman. After confessing his love to us, he told us about his encounter with Jesus. He had seen him in person and talked to him and everything. I thought it was super cool to meet a prophet. I had never met one before and this guy seemed to be for real. I had no reason to doubt his story. I mean why would I trust the homeless guy drinking vodka at the bus station less, than the weirdly dressed dude drinking wine at church? After a while he was done and started complimenting Anny in an increasingly inappropriate manner, so we were happy to see the bus pull into the station just then to take us to Motor City.


"That happens to you a lot!" Anny said.

"Being approached by weird people."
"Uuuhm, I guess..."
"Remember in Chicago when that guy screamed at us about killing all the black people?"
"Yeah" I said and smiled "That was weird. Does that never happen to you when you're travelling by yourself?"
"Mmmh, that's strange."
"Seems like you're very harassable."


And "harassable" is probably the best way to describe it. I don't know what it is about me, that makes strange people want to yell at me but I like it... Makes everything more exciting!


In Detroit we walked around a lot, sucked in the christmas-feel and checked out the Institute of Art, which was really fun. But as always: Pictures say more than a thousand words.

Oh yeah, the  christmas season has begun. The stores are packed with delicious treats, shiny lights are everywhere and christmas tunes make every day feel special. This is one of my favourite times of the year and I'm excited to be in the States for it. Making my weekend even better, I received this package from my very thoughtful and lovely Mum, containing christmas decorations, christmas treats and a whole lot of christmassy love.

Thank you so much Mum, I really appreciate it!!
Even though my workload for the last three weeks of the semester is huge, I am very looking foward to all the christmas-goodness ahead. I hope you guys are just as excited about it as I am!

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