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Karaoke. It combines the thing I am worst at (singing) with the thing I like to do most (singing). Karaoke is Japanese for "empty orchestra" and when you are up there on stage, with 50 people waiting for you to sing like an angel, you feel the pressure. There is nothing more important than somebody who can take that pressure away. Well, thank god I went with Caroline, Lauren and Chris.

You guys know Caroline. But I didn't introduce you to Lauren and Chris, yet. So, I met these guys independently from each other. Lauren was in my Chinese class and Chris was in COMM271. The first thing I thought when I met Lauren was: 'Wow, she is nice!' and the first thing I thought when I met Chris was: 'Wow, he is nice!'  Little did I know that they were actually a couple. When I finally  found out, I was surprised but I wasn't really. If I had to pick out two people on campus who just fit together, it would be these two. They are so incredibly nice and open to everything, I can count myself lucky to have met them. 


We decided to go out to a karaoke bar last night (because we all love karaoke) to sing a song and have some fun. And sing a song and have some fun we did. We went for a classic, 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen and we actually didn't perform too badly. I really hope that this is my stepping stone on the way to becoming a rockstar. But even if I don't make it to the  top, I  still feel like I am right there!

It was so much fun! We were followed by some guys who had the most amazing Christmas sweaters... The only act that could keep up with us (they performed "Bye Bye Bye" by *NSYNC):

Thanks to Robert for taking the pictures and thanks to us for... you know, being so... special... at singing!

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    OHLALA (Sonntag, 15 Januar 2017 17:09)

    Tu as fabuleux apparence! :'D
    Dixit je connais toi :D

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    Francois (Sonntag, 15 Januar 2017 17:19)

    Merci beaucoup, Ohlala!