New Year's Eve

I added the lonely New Year's to the streak of sad experiences I am currently on - more or less involuntarily - making the last week of December a prime candidate for the most depressing week of my life. But why is that? I like to be by myself. Why not now? Is it more sad to be alone on one of these days than it is on any other? I don't think it should be. While my Dad now probably says something like: "Good, the boy has finally turned bitter" I have to turn your attention to the fact that there are many people out there who aren't as lucky as (even) me. As me, having a fantastic family and the most outstanding and most supportive friends ever, somewhere, waiting for me to come back and spent the rest of my Christmases and New Year's with. Some people are all alone and now I know how excluded a person who is alone feels especially in the last week of December. I don't want to be arrogant by saying I understand the pain these people are exposed to, because I don't! But in this last week I began to understand. 


I don't think New Year's resolutions are worth the air that's needed to say them out loud, but as long as I am writing... If I had one, it would be 'always have someone there with you when the ball drops'. I don't know whether that is a selfish reason to maintain friendships, but even if it is, it certainly isn't the only one.

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    OHLALA (Sonntag, 15 Januar 2017 16:36)

    Je fus seul aussi au Nouvel An. La différence est je fus heureuse. :)
    No offense

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    Francois (Sonntag, 15 Januar 2017 17:31)

    No offense taken!