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The sun had set. It was getting dark outside. The green neon light flooded the place and crawled out of the tall windows into the night. I was hungry. When it was finally my turn, I stepped up to the counter and told the red-haired girl what I wanted.The guy who usually messes up my order must have had a day off. I don't mean that disrespectfully. He always asks me what I want, starts doing his job, asks me what it was that I wanted a couple of times along the way, just to finally serve me something so far from what I ordered, that I come here all the time just for the thrill of finding out what the hell I might get today. I was hoping that this girl had a similar angle to satisfy her customers adrenaline demand. But to my very disappointment she seemed to do everything according to what I wanted. She didn't grab the wrong bread, she didn't put the wrong meat on it, she didn't forget to toast it and she didn't toast it twice either. She only put on the veggies I wanted and then she sold me the sandwich for the correct price. Boring!


Sometime last week somebody told me that Amazon's Echo is very popular with "advanced age singles". When asked why they don't fix certain bugs that make the Echo ask for information the user already provided them with, the Echo Chief of Marketing replied that these older folks enjoy talking to the Echo and don't want the bugs fixed so they have something to talk about and that's why they won't do anything about the issue.
Getting out my debit card, I missed my unreliable sandwich guy. As if the girl at the register had sensed my disappointment she started talking:
"Did anybody ever tell you, you looked like Ewan McGregor?"
"Really?" I asked and my neutral face - or how I like to call it my "frowning fish face" - lit up and made me smile. 
"Yeah! Did you know they're making Spotlight 2?"
"I didn't know that. That's awesome!" The only thing that was awesome here was that I didn't know what Spotlight 1 was, much less Spotlight 2. 
"Yeah right?" She said in an excited voice, "When I found out I was like: Whaaaat? No way! But it's happening!"
"Yaaaayyy!" I screamed and still had no idea what she was talking about but was very flattered by her compliment.
"Alright, you're all set." She said and gave me the sandwich. My sandwich guy just got serious competition in the race for "weirdest sandwich artist". Anyway, I checked out a few pictures of Ewan McGregor and the red-haired girl was right... I do kind of look like that guy:

There are heaps of crazy pictures of this dude on the internet so I might have gotten carried away in the process of shooting pictures of myself that look like his photos:


To move on to stuff that's nicer to look at than Ewan's and my face (it's pretty much the same face anyway), I want you to see what autumn feels like in Ann Arbor: 

It's nice. After a nice walk on a sunny autumn Sunday, there is nothing better than a massive dinner... And that's what we had: We ordered some wings, some waffle fries and watched a baseball match. How American is that?



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Oh, you're still here!? It is a Tuesday, that's correct! You're wondering where COCK No.4 is? And you are right to do so. Since I had an important presentation today I couldn't do COCK No.4 this week, but COCK will be back next Tuesday for sure. (If you don't know what COCK is, check here and here for answers)

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